Theory Of Our Existence

Human beings can imagine, create, and live. Each one tries to find the answer to our existence. To each one the answer is different. When asked: “Why do we exist?” Some people will respond: “In order to live life and enjoy it.”, “To discover something more about ourselves, before we move on to the next life.” “I live for the people around me.” The response continues on a broad spectrum. No one can pin point the exact reason humans exist on this planet, however we can always imagine.

Lets start a bit in the extreme. Imagine yourself surrounded by nothing. Now picture space, straight away you begin to see stars in the distance. Maybe a few galaxies here and there, depending on how imaginative you are. There is no sound, no air, just many gases surrounding you. Looking in one direction you may find a galaxy, whose time travels faster than our own. In the other direction, you may find a galaxy whose time travels slower. Strange, but yet this is true for various galaxies. Even if these galaxies exist within the same universe, their times are different. As curious as all humans are, you may find yourself asking: “How can that be possible?” Once again, we question the existence of these galaxies and their different speed of time.

Now imagine, right before your eyes, a mighty explosion. Lets call this the Big Bang. Now press the fast-forward button on your imagination and lets see in fast pace how the Milky Way galaxy came into being. Now press play, we see the dust subsiding and beginning to spin, little rocks crash against each other making bigger ones. Lets travel to our own solar system and see the creation of our Sun and planets. Once there, press the fast forward button once more and arrive at the first creation of human kind.

You may imagine a mighty hand picking up dust and creating the first human, but let’s try to see it without the mighty hand. If what scientist say is true, then we would see a gorilla slowly evolving into the first man. We can see, the first man become isolated from their cousins the gorillas, and slowly more and more join together. They learn how to hunt, make tools, build houses, and make small villages. For years and years, the humans evolve; they become smarter and more efficient in their speaking. All around the world, tradition and Gods have come into existence, later the first computer has come into being. From what we have seen so far, humans have used their imaginations and done something to make what see reality. Many hardships arrived during the evolution, but each time some one was there to create and keep the evolution going.

Throughout our small trip through space and the evolution of human beings, we have realized that the power of imagination and creation makes a difference. Through this short voyage, we have been able to see that maybe there is a reason for our existence. Maybe that reason is to create, to give to the society around us, and to let our curiosity continue to keep this planet going. Together we have seen that the power to unite and form has caused prosperity and life. The dust from the explosion united to form the galaxy and our home, the people united to evolve and keep living.

Can the answer to our existence be as simple as this?

with love,

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