Courage for the First Step

Everyone can do it, so why can’t I?

The tall people move, they do not stay in one place. They run like lions out the door and leave me here to stay. I watch them move, putting one leg in front of the next. It was a difficult task I must say, but I have to learn to do it someday. I grab the closest chair I see. I get up; my knees are still wobbly and I feel like a spaghetti. I look down at my toys; they look so small from up here.

The room begins to spin, it seems to mock my weak knees. I refuse to let go of this chair that holds me up. I take my leg and I put it in front of the other. I felt in control, I was no longer a sitting duck. Slowly, I became stronger. I could not sit; I stood and walked. One step at a time, I began to get strong. I must say that at first it was awkward. I felt like a giant on a mountain, but I knew I was no giant because everyone towered over me, smiling and pointing at me. I sensed achievement in my heart but it just made me want to cry.

This overwhelming feeling was the first I ever felt. My legs got stronger, my body could tell, for I started to run and I started to run well. This movement most of us take for granted was the first thing I ever achieved. Now with one leg in front of thee other I make my way to the city.

with love,

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