These Dizzying Visions

These visions gliding through my mind
bringing such sweet unrecognizable scents,
have no meaning to me at this moment.

They are flowers dancing and making their way forward.
Tulips and Lilies, Roses and Daisies,
flowers that I do not even recognize,
make their way in a circular path.

They have a story to tell,
but the words are just not coming right.
Perhaps there is static on their end,
or maybe my mind needs some more sleep.

Either way these dizzying flowers,
make me want to laugh and sing.
They bring me peace and serenity,
and slowly make my energy rise.

These dizzying vision of flowers,
what could they possibly mean?

Do I see something white,
there in the distance?
Maybe but a Poinsettia
just blocked my view.

The smell is overwhelming,
what could it be?
Honey and sweet caramel,
and is that buttermilk?

Oh, these dizzying visions of flowers
bringing their wonderful scents to me.
How distracting are you at this late hour,
yet how beautiful you are to me.

A dizzying sea of flowers.

with love,

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