The Meteorites

I stood here, motionless and silent, looking back at the perfect design I had just created. I love my work on this piece, not to mention this place is perfect for the peak of the rock storm.

We have a small dedication to this time, after all we don’t live  too long. We always hear of cousins or relatives being killed by those gigantic beings.

This place is great though; I moved here a couple of weeks ago after a rueful awakening to the smell of poison in the air. Here, it is very big and open and the light from that circular light is all I need.

Now, I think I’ll be alright for the night and enjoy this shower of the fast pace trails in the sky.

Ah.. the cool smell, the wind, it’s all lovely and beautiful.

A shadow, how beau—-


I spoke too soon, it’s found me. Curse you giant being!

I must stay still, maybe then it won’t see me or come this way.

NO! Curse my thoughts!

Here it comes,

maybe it’ll back away soon…. I must stay still, these gigantic folk scare the silk out of me.

NO!!! It has spotted me, you should see this.

It’s staring at me and its backing away, ok i’m alright.

It has just left…. once again i have thought too soon!

It carries a stick, and it walks towards me….

no my beautiful design!

It has wrecked my beautiful design!

I must run, it’s reaching out to me with its stick!

Curse you being! I curse you to the eggs of damnation!

What’s this? It’s retreating? Has my lovely design caused it to panic?

Maybe it’s one of those who fears our race?

This means I might keep my place after all.

Yes! Thank the Webs!

It has gone. It’s bending down though. What must it be doing?

The skies are beautiful, I must say, the fast paced trails in the sky have started, they are so beautiful; I think an elder once told me, it’s called a meteor shower. But who would know? These are so very mesmerizing…

But what’s this?

Pebbles? No, they can’t be pebbles; they’re too big to be pebbles…

That’s right! Elders say that the fast paced trails fall and they are called meteorites when they hit Earth…

OH NO! It’s aiming for me!

Wait, that’s not the meteorites, thats that giant being!

Curse you, its throwing rocks at me. I’m think I’m going to cry.

I must run now, so long my temporary home! You were the most beautiful…

What is that I smell?




[Note: Spiders are my worst enemies. I do not like spiders, they make me shiver and freeze when I see one. Yes, I become an actual statue in the presence of one. Writing from their perspective, creeps me out even more and I’m trembling as I type this, but I must get over my fear of spiders.]
with love,

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