Don’t Let The Light Go Out

People fall into darkness constantly in their life; whether they admit it or not is up to them. Some people become frequent visitors to this darkness and always return. Yet, others choose to look for a brighter place. No, this does not necessarily mean that you turn towards religion for the answer.

Keep it Shining

Light and Dark are two extremes completely opposite of one another.

Light can signify manyP things in a person’s life; for example: a promotion, a new opportunity/job, a new idea, something that makes a particular day extraordinary [Those instances happen everyday, some lasting barely more than a few seconds].

Darkness finds itself in the company of “everything that is not.” We step into the dark when we shrug away an idea just because we belittle ourselves. We step into the dark by setting our own limitations. A limit holds the best writer from finishing their book; it holds an actor or an actress from performing; it can keep a designer sitting in front of an empty sketch book. But, it doesn’t only happen to these people. Everyday our own self set limits keep us in the dark.

If you have an idea, reach out for it. Grasp it with your very being. Don’t let it remain an idea or a vision, make it happen, make it real. You never know how much it may change your life.

What and how is the light?” or “How do I see it?

These questions are common. The sarcastic undertone to each of them is a limit. “The light” is not visible, unless a bright idea occurred the second sunlight peeps through the clouds. Then it’s understandable. The light is a feeling that drives you. It’s the energy that causes each person to smile truly. It’s the “Ah hah!” or “Eureka!” or “I’ve got it!”

Yet, these “Eurekas” are turned into frowns or disappointment. There are many people in your life that bring about these frowns: your boss, parents, siblings, friends, relatives, or sometimes even the clouds for choosing to rain on that particular day. Don’t let them get you down; if you spilled coffee on your shirt the very day you have an important interview, apologize to the person who is doing the interview. Use it to your advantage, don’t belittle yourself just because of spilled coffee. That is an example of the closest person that brings about the frown. Yourself.

Beware of your thoughts, for they put you in the light or dark of the day. The scenario I just mentioned can cause people to blame their clumsiness for losing the job, before they even enter and greet the person doing the interview. That already sets your mind on losing that opportunity and guess what, that increases your chances of not getting the job. Be creative, use what you got to your advantage.

Here is something for you to try everyday:

When you wake up, grab a notepad or a piece of paper and set some goals for yourself. Small short term goals. The interesting part about writing them, is that your mind also writes them on a piece of “mental” paper. While you’re busy working you are also busy coming up with ways to resolve your short term goals, whether you realize it or not.

That is one way to keep your light shining brightly. Another much simpler way, is to breathe. Before, curses and angry accusations is set of in all directions breathe and think if it’s worth it to do so. What will insults get you, that a good conversation won’t? If criticism is thrown your way, use that to make yourself better. If it is used to lower your morale, don’t let it. You are the one that decides what will get you down. Be strong, words can harm your ego, but not your spirit.

Don’t let yourself linger in the dark routines of life; shine even if it’s for a few seconds. A few seconds of bright light is enough to turn an ordinary day into an extraordinary day.

Watch you’ll see.

with love,

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1 Comment
  • Lena
    February 19, 2010

    You have noo idea how much this helped me.
    Thank you for writing this; you’re really talented and inspirational.

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