Living in a Sea of Simplicity

Clouds Strolling By
Simple Beauty

The sun rises,
the birds fly,
the clouds stroll by,
the wind howls,
and the trees sway.

Music blasts on the stereo,
as cars rush on the highways.
People walk to and fro,
talking, laughing,
smiling their lovely smiles.

The flowers bloom,
the trees get taller,
the planet gets older,
wiser and lovelier.

Everyday there is something
going on
in every corner.
There is something different.

Watching and listening
enjoying and laughing
at the simple pleasures of this life
and this world.

The simple days that
start at the first light of dawn
arise differently than the day before.
It makes this day special,
because tomorrow is different.

Though rain or snow,
through sleet and hail.
There is beauty there that
one can always tell
how marvelous living in this world is.

with love,

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