Releasing Energy

Here I am,
sitting in the corner.

My heart is racing,
my mind is nowhere on the subject in hand.

I hear the beats of my heart,
match the seconds of the clock
and beat faster and faster.

I can hear my mind scream in exasperation;
I want to jump,
to run,
to breathe and be free.

I stand,
everyone turns to look at me.
I smile,
against my will my feet move.

Slowly walking down the aisle of the classroom.
But I can’t keep this feeling from bursting.

I run to the door,
swing it open.


I’m outside,
breathing in the fumes of the cars.
Smelling the smoke from cigarettes.

Still, my heart races,
my mind soars above the buildings,
I see the park.

I run to it.

The sweet smell of flowers and trees.
I feel free.

Yet, I run.

No not to escape,
but to release all this energy I have within.

This energy that is not letting me focus.

This energy that is making my hands shake,
my face redden and the adrenaline flow through my veins.

This energy that was making my mind do cartwheels inside that classroom.

I’m finally out.

The energy is nearly gone.

My body no longer shakes.

I feel grounded once.

These energy highs that I get,
is what allows the creativity to flow through me.

And I will never trade that in for anything in the world.

Releasing Energy
Run as fast as you can.
with love,

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  • Sly Fox
    November 23, 2009

    oh god, you got hyper again 😀

    • Nataly Lopez
      November 23, 2009

      I had chocolate chip cookies this morning… they really got me hyper 😀

      • Sly Fox
        November 23, 2009

        next time share the love 😀

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