Oh, Woe Is Me… My Rainy Day Blues

Woe is me on this rainy day;
How can it be, that it can happen to me.

Oh woe is me. Oh, woe is me.

The rain against these windows
sing me to sleep.
That is until the window was opened
and a flood came in.

Oh, woe is me. Oh, woe is me.

Now my clothes are wet,
my books are no where to be seen.
The school has flooded.

Oh, woe is me. Oh, woe is me.

I’m swimming in this flood,
trying to hold on to something strong,
but woe is me,
there is nothing.

Swimming and swimming I go,
to a bottomless pit.

Oh, woe is me. Oh, woe is me.

But, I feel like I’m falling
and sure enough pain strikes my cheek.
With a shock,
I open my eyes.

And guess what I see,
Oh, woe is me,
I had fallen asleep,
against the window.

And all the flood water,
was nothing more,
than a tiny hole
on the ceiling.

Oh, woe is me. Oh, woe is me.

Yet, it does not end there.

Oh, Woe Is Me.

My alarm starts ringing.
I shut it off,
and oh, woe is me,
I am late to class.

I run up the stairs,
two at time,
I’m out of breath.

And still, I find that I can’t leave the third floor.


Yet I hear my alarm,
and confusion arises in my heart.
Yet, slowly it dawns on me that,
that I’m not losing my breath.

That alarm keeps ringing;
that annoying alarm.

Oh, woe is me,
make it stop.

And that is when I awake,
to find my alarm ringing in my ear,
the sunshine is creeping into my room.

There is no water;
there is no stairs.

But, I wasn’t on my comfy bed,
and for a moment,
and only one moment,
I had no a idea where I could be.

Until, I realized I had fallen off my bed,
and my cheek had landed
against the annoying clock.
I’ve been swimming through the covers
that had fallen on top of me,
and somehow I managed to travel under my bed
to the other side.

Oh, woe is me,
no more.

I’m just where I need to be.
Laughing at my dream.

with love,

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  • Eli
    February 23, 2010

    LOL this like totally made my day.
    I love how when you’re writing, you are able to transport the reader into a different place.

    I definitely needed this today, since it was raining too much and my spirits were really low.

    • Nataly Lopez
      February 23, 2010

      I’m glad you enjoyed it.
      Thanks for reading and commenting!


  • William
    February 26, 2010

    Life is a dream, but a dream is never a life. But then, this never means to take life as a plaything. Nice poem.

  • varshaa
    March 23, 2010

    wow!!! loved it!!! really really good one!!!