It was like waking from a daze. The sweet aroma of coffee taking over, waking every sense. Emily stared at her mug watching the heart shape of her latte, all around her were whispers and laughter and people talking. But not her, not today. Because most days were just like this. Silent. Everyone doing their own thing.

And Emily? Well, she was used to being alone, her thoughts scattered, trying to focus on what to think, what to do. But the sweet aroma brought her back. She smiled at her mug, wishing, no… hoping, that someday soon she will be able to feel it again. Life. Because what’s a latte without the feeling of life?

Emily sipped her drink, and glanced up to see a young couple, sitting together laughing and smiling. And being just like every couple these days.

They were everywhere. Literally. Emily glanced back at her mug, tears blurred the heart of the latte. She stir her drink, making sure to stir away the heart-shaped foam.

She sipped her drink faster and got up to walk away; avoiding the corner where the couple was sitting.

“It’s over,” Emily said. “Move on.”

The daze settled back on her mind, like fog after a cloudy, rainy day. Emily shook her head and walked faster.

It was the screeching of wheels that made her look up. The car approached, as if in slow motion. Then the grip on her shoulder got stronger and pulled her back.

“Watch it lady,” said the driver, as the car came to a full halt in front of her. “Damn, you wanna die or something?”

“Sorry,” Emily whispered as the car drove off. She quickly turned around, but whoever had pulled her backwards was gone. For the first time, Emily felt her mind clear. She took in a deep breath, and silently thanked the invisible savior. And with that, she made her way to work, knowing everything will be fine.

with love,

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