Misadventures of Italian Class

Ital mixupFrom cafes, to movies, to wonderful books, Italian seemed like the perfect language to learn! You’d think that speaking Spanish and intermediate French would help in the learning. Here was the train of thought: Spanish helped me pick up French fairly quickly. If I wanted to write a good sentence in French, all I would do is think in Spanish, translate it and VOILA! there was a great French sentence. High school me was on to something.

Learning Italian is the complete opposite. When Professor calls on me to randomly answer the questions, word vomit happens. Literally.

Professor: Come ti chiami?
Naty: Si.
Prof: It’s not a yes or no question, unless your name is “Si.”
Naty: Oh right. Chiami Nataly!
Prof: Full sentence.
Naty: Me llamo Nataly.
Prof: And now in Italiano.
Naty: Je m’appelle Nataly.
Prof: Class help her.
Everyone: Lei si chiama Nataly.

Well, okay, it’s only one or the other language that comes out. Not usually both. BUT, it’s gotten better. Time to go learn the plural form of everything.

P.S – There should be a Rosetta Stone to install in your brain!

xo <3


with love,

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  • Andreas
    February 25, 2014

    Uno panino, due panini…
    Uno spaghetto, due spaghetti..

    Molti personaggi dagli Stati Uniti non capiscono … 🙁

    • Naty
      February 26, 2014

      Aww! No sad face! When you come back to NYC you can talk Italian with me. ^__^

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Misadventures of Italian Class