In the darkness,
Do not speak.
In the morning,
Do not think.

Just silence.
Who needs to know
What this heart yearns for
Or What troubles
It beholds?

Shhh! Troubles scream,
Piecing my soul!
It hurts! Aches! This anxiety
In my very being!
“But silence!” they say.

Who are “they,”
Behind their glass homes
And hidden gems?
“They” who negotiate and gain
From the silence I retain.

Fuck the system!
Telling me I should
live in silence with
“The shame! The pain!”
No! No more!

My body is my domain!
This secret is too strong.
Who, but I, can wield
It like a sword.
No need to feel alone!

SHH! YOU keep your lies!
Keep YOUR shame and blame.
You will find no victim here!
The time of hiding and running is gone.
This silence is no more.

These traumatizing years,
Wondering what I did wrong.
Always thinking it was my fault.
It wasn’t! Forgiveness to myself,
Is all I need for those dark moments,

Of despising my reflection.
You and your silence of the flesh,
Can forever live in fear for
The times I talk
And the silence dissolves.

For you and I know,
Your conscious isn’t clear.
And when I speak,
Tremble and sweat.
For I wield your fate.

with love,

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  • Jaiza Jumawan
    May 22, 2014

    hello.. you made this? 😀 cool!

    • Naty
      May 22, 2014

      Thank you Jaiza! 😀 And yes, I wrote this.


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