Being Twenty Five

There’s a lot of misconceptions about turning 25. I used to think that by this age my life would be set. I’d have the best job in the world, go out and have a ton of fun every day, be more social, have more friends, and at the end of the day sit down and read a book with a glass of wine because, well, there’s just that many hours in the day. Right?

Nope. Nope. Nope.

25 is a roller coaster ride of emotions, heartbreaks, disappointments, and (in my case) being super hard and critical about myself. I’m working on my career. I graduated a couple of months ago. My writing-short-stories-and-poems blog has gone up and down in content and frequency. And most of all, I’m still learning about who I am and where I belong. BUT, that is not to say it’s been all down hill. I married my best friend (highlight of this year). I can count my closest friends on one hand, and I’m really good at my job (woo! marketing and event coordinator!). So where do we go from here?

Well, we continue to grow, to learn, to be, to love, to live, to write, to create… and whole lot more. This is my journey and you’re welcome to join on the adventure.

(P.S – Omg! I actually wrote! Naty is writing yet again! Kicking that depression to the curve!)

with love,

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